Christa Seewald de Vicente

Founder and General Manager of FINANCE AND COMMERCE, a consulting company dedicated since 1986 to international marketing, logistics and special events by developing mainly projects related with international business.

Christa Seewald de Vicente is since 1995 Project Manager of the annual publication "Doing Business is Spain" supported by the Commercial Office of the Amerian Embassy of Madrid.

She is Senior Advisor to the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas), the Association of the 100 leading brands of Spain.

She is Advisor to the Association "Multinationals for marca España" (Multinacionales por marca España), a platform integrated by foreign multionational companies established in Spain.

She collaborates with the Management os the annual Executive Program for Spanish and American businesspeople organized by the RCC at Harvard that takes place at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston.

Since 1988 she is also part of the Advisory Board of the President of the Autonomous Community of Vorarlberg, Austria, under the project "Network Vorarberg".

In October 2011 Christa Seewald de Vicente was awarded with the Honorary Medal in Gold of the Austrian Republic for her voluntary dedication to the Austrian Association of Madrid whose objective is to strengthen ties between Spain and Austria.

Before founding her own Company, during 12 years Christa Seewald de Vicente was a director of the German company NIXDORF COMPUTER, working for them not only in their headquarters in Germany but also in their offices in London and Madrid.

During a staty of 3 years in the USA, she was working as advisor to the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce os New York organizing roadshows for the promotion of Spain throughout the USA.

Christa Seewald de Vicente was born in Austria y studied in Germany where she
graduated in economics and international marketing.